The front page of The Atlanta Journal from 1906.

Georgia Civil Rights Cold Cases

Students in Hank Klibanoff’s creative writing course, co-taught by actor and playwright Garrett Turner, delved into the events of the 1906 Atlanta race massacre to imagine the human stories of the victims and participants.

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A black and white image of someone's boots on a farm. Two other people are standing in the background. In the foreground is kale.

Film, Media, and the Art of Social Change

Students of professors Carlton Mackey and Edward Queen, under the guidance of arts advocate Ash Nash, participated in the creation of a documentary film about Atlanta area non-profit, Gangstas to Growers.

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Epigenetics and the Human Condition

Professor Arri Eisen and visual artist Fahamu Pecou used the Exquisite Corpse collaborative method to explore the effect of trauma on our genetic make-up.

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