Film, Media and the Art of Social Change


Carlton Mackey, Emory Center for Ethics and Department of Film and Media, and Edward Queen, Emory Center for Ethics, with Mark Kendall, comedian

About the Course

Film 355-1: Film, Media and the Art of Social Change

This course focuses on the following questions:

• What roles have and do media generally, and films in particular, play in addressing major social issues and in effecting or impeding social change?

• What are historical examples of major (or even lesser known) shifts in the area of social change that can be attributed in large part to the influence of film/media?

• How have media changed over time? Have “social media” played a role in social change movements? If so, how? Would historical forms of media that influenced social change accomplish similar results today?

• What is the relationship between film/particular forms of media (i.e. medium), the particular context they were created, and the people/entities who created them?

• What are obstacles? How do the media inhibit or impede social change?

• Historically what roles have artists, filmmakers, photographers, directors, print journalist, etc. played in addressing social and political issues