Eladio Abreu is wearing a green polo while smiling outdoors.

Eladio Abreu

The central theme of my teaching philosophy has been one of “engagement”. Learning is accomplished best when one is actively participating in the lesson and material. My aim is to teach scientific concepts in an engaging manner that captivates my students. My lectures are designed…

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Julio Medina is smiling at the camera in a black and white photo wearing a dark shirt with gray suit jacket.

Julio Medina

Julio Medina is a Xicano artist and educator from Los Angeles. His work focuses on the metaphysics of dance, considering resilience, connection, and restoration. I Gotta, Medina's work, has been presented at The New Dance Alliance Performance Mix Festival in Brooklyn, NY (2017), the ConderDance…

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Ellie Schainker is smiling in front of a building outdoors. She is wearing glasses, a blue top, and a gray headband

Ellie Schainker

Ellie Schainker is the Arthur Blank Family Foundation Associate Professor of History and Jewish Studies and Winship Distinguished Research Professor at Emory University.  She is the author of Confessions of the Shtetl: Converts from Judaism in Imperial Russia, 1817-1906, National Jewish Book Award winner in…

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Devon Goss is smiling wearing glasses and a black blazer standing in front of a bush

Devon Goss

Devon Goss is a sociologist specializing in the areas of race and ethnicity, the family, and sports. She completed her PhD in 2018 at the University of Connecticut in Sociology with a graduate certificate in Feminist Studies. Much of her research centers on the experiences…

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Meredith Schweig is sitting outdoors wearing a black shirt and blazer

Meredith Schweig

Meredith Schweig’s research explores twentieth- and twenty-first-century popular musics of East Asia, with a particular emphasis on narrative, gender, and cultural politics in post-authoritarian Taiwan. She completed her MA and PhD in ethnomusicology at Harvard University, where she also received her BA in Music and…

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Captured in a black and white picture, Dr. Paul Bhasin is in a suit looking at the camera.

Paul Bhasin

Paul Bhasin serves as director of orchestral studies and director of undergraduate research in the Department of Music at Emory University. Praised for his “crisp, clear conducting” and “highly expressive interpretations”, Bhasin has led a variety of university, youth, and professional ensembles throughout North America…

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Dr. Micaela Martinez standing in the cold outdoors wearing a winter coat.

Dr. Martinez

Dr. Martinez is an infectious disease ecologist. Her primary focus is understanding how ecology, social determinants of health, immunology, Climate Change, and demography intersect to shape health and disease. A focus of her lab is deconstructing epidemics and seasonal phenomena. Supported by the NIH Director’s…

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Joel Silverman is smiling at the camera in a black-and-white photo, wearing a plaid button up shirt.

Joel Silverman

Joel Silverman (born 1971, Atlanta, Georgia) is a photographer, commercial filmmaker, and educator.  His artwork explores underground landscapes of wild caves, long exposure nightscapes, and composed aerial landscapes, printed as resin-encapsulated objects and 19th century photo processes.  His time-based work incorporates experiential augmented reality, photogrammetry,…

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Wesley Longhofer is smiling against a dark gray backdrop wearing glasses, a suit, and a light blue dress shirt.

Wesley Longhofer

Wesley Longhofer joined the Goizueta Business School in 2012 after receiving his PhD in sociology from the University of Minnesota. He is currently the Executive Academic Director of Goizueta's Business & Society Institute, an academic research center that addresses complex challenges facing people and the…

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A white man with facial hair and hair pulled back staring ahead. He is in a blue suit with a blue and green bowtie. He is standing in front of a case of books.

Edward Queen

Edward Queen is the director of the Ethics and Servant Leadership Program, Emory Ethics Center. Queen is director of the D. Abbott Turner Program in Ethics and Servant Leadership and coordinator of Undergraduate Studies at the Ethics Center At Emory, he also serves as director…

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