Joel Silverman

Joel Silverman (born 1971, Atlanta, Georgia) is a photographer, commercial filmmaker, and educator.  His artwork explores underground landscapes of wild caves, long exposure nightscapes, and composed aerial landscapes, printed as resin-encapsulated objects and 19th century photo processes.  His time-based work incorporates experiential augmented reality, photogrammetry, and digital fabrication.  His work as a commercial photographer and director consists of interactive, TV, and print ads made for national clients.  Joel earned a law degree in 1996 and worked in his twenties as an environmental attorney and policy advisor to the Governor of Georgia.  He is currently an adjunct professor at Emory University,  where he teaches photography and filmmaking with a focus on digital futurism, photographic art history, printmaking, and historic darkroom processes.

Joel Silverman is smiling at the camera in a black-and-white photo, wearing a plaid button up shirt.