T. Lang

T. Lang designs and leads interdisciplinary collaborations to demonstrate inventive new choreographic works. She considers the execution of 21st-century embodiment as an intellectual, artistic, and civic practice. Through reflection, research, and performance, T. Lang weighs how economic, social, and political forces have shaped how black bodies set themselves in motion as fugitives, maroons, and citizens. Thus, she explores how, and why, untold truths of American history related to race and gender identity ​fuel ​the ammunition for her embodied​ practices. Lang continues to explore new mediums, such as Augmented and Virtual Reality technology, and various modes of collaboration, to immerse audiences in what she hopes are powerful, transformative experiences. 

With commissions from the High Museum of Art, Goat Farm Arts Center, Flux Projects and more, Lang stays engaged with the next generation of movement artists through her summer dance intensive SWEATSHOP and Founding Director and Owner of The Movement Lab ATL, an interdisciplinary incubator for creativity. T. Lang is an Associate Professor and was the Inaugural Chair Chair of the Dance Performance and Choreography department at Spelman College. 


T. SLang is standing in front of an off-white backdrop wearing a black sweater dress with its sleeves rolled up and black boots.