Sumayyah Ali

Sumayyah Ali is more than just the founder and CEO of Power Haus Creative, she is a community leader who mentors local artists, and helps them to develop sustainable careers. She has immersed herself in the local arts economy, and empowers visual artists to utilize their influence for change in underserved communities, and to build capital for the creative class. Recognized for her impassioned work ethic, Ash has led several highly successful campaigns for a multitude of global brands such as Papa John’s, Coca-Cola, and Nike. She gained international attention in 2019 for her strategic work coordinating #Kaeperbowl, a public art/activism initiative centered around muralist Fabian Williams and former NFL player Colin Kaepernick. Her work has been recognized by Creative Loafing, and she has been featured in Visionary Artistry Magazine, The Atlanta Podcast, and the Our Voices. Our Lives. docu-series. In her partnership with Remerge Community Museum, Ash serves as a Creative Community & Cultural Strategist. Ash is also an active board member for MINT Art Gallery, and W.A.G.E Certified Gallery in Historic Southwest Atlanta. In her role as principle of Power Haus Creative, Ash serves as a liaison and accountability partner to both visual artists and the brands that hire them.