Lori Teague

Lori C. Teague is an choreographer/activist who joined the dance faculty at Emory University in 1994.  She teaches modern, improvisation, choreography, dance literacy, dance pedagogy, contact improvisation, and interdisciplinary courses combining movement and math concepts. At the heart of her movement research is a drive to develop improvisational scores that invite play, kinesthetic listening, collaboration, and choice. These processes seek to empower individuals, expand awareness, and build new connections within us and with our natural world. Teague has created over 60 dance works, including dances for film. She continues to ask: How do we live in our body?  How do we express our true nature? How does a body inhabit space? Her works addresses the ongoing relationship bodies have with societal norms and the distinctive manner in which we survive loss.  In 2018, she established D.I.R.T. ( dance in real time), a site-specific improvisational performance practice. Her evening length works, “Rule of Thumb”, “Doors that Open” and “Bend” look at restriction and fluidity– in the body, in society, and in nature Teague co-directs The Dancing Flowers for Peace–creating and collaborating with women over the age of 50. She earned an MFA from The Ohio State University and certification in Laban Movement Studies.