Alex Mari

Alex Mari is an interdisciplinary performance artist from Atlanta, Georgia. Mari explores the cramped
spaces of social identity and liminality through performance, objects, installation, body art, video, writing,
conceptual art and street intervention. She seeks societal reorganization through a QTBIPOC feminist
lens in order to envision alternative realities where new tools are created and provided. Currently, they
explore experimental qualities that interrupt the mundane through fantastical narrative, ritual,
becoming-other, ephemerality, objects and tasks, and digital ephemera. She earned her MFA in 2013
from The Savannah College of Art and Design-Atlanta. Mari has shown work at galleries around Atlanta
including MINT, whitespace, Cherrylion Studios, ACA Sculpture Gallery, and Mason Murer Fine Art.
They’ve also performed in festivals such as the Raghurajpur International Art and Culture Exchange,
Brooklyn International Performance Art Festival, and in Yellow Fish Durational Performance Art Festival V
and VI. She’s performed in Seattle at The Factory, Studio Current, and LoveCityLove. Exhibited work and
documented performances have been shown internationally in London, Fez, Monrovia, and notably in the
Shangyuan Art Museum in Beijing. She most recently held a studio practice with The Bakery in South
Atlanta from 2021-2022.

Alex Mari is smiling in front of a dark blue backdrop with tattoo covered arms crossed and wearing a black and gold shirt.